The Euro-mediterannean resarch centre occupies a strategic position at the heart of the Toulon-Provence-Méditerranée (TPM) agglomeration. The building is situated at a key site at the entrance to the city centre. This new building, like a sentry box will make up part of the green areas developed near to the walls of the city. This research structure constitutes a symbolic high-tech and yet discrete new structure at the entrance to the city centre. ANMA was designated as the head designer for both the public spaces and this new landmark research centre.

The urban project is linked into on a new pedestrian network which brings together the various elements of this important regional university centre. New paved and landscaped zones as well as green areas for sport and recreation are interspersed in this dense zone.

The research centre is made of a concrete podium base on which three white and identical blocks jut out over the new public square and avenues. The blocks are angled to make the most of the light available on the site, and so as to caputure the maximum amount of wind energy as possible. Each block is separate and identical; both crowned with angled roofs designed to naturally ventilate the complex.

The building’s programme is laid out between the a podium base and the three block units, the base featuring the larger features of the programme including a terraced amphitheatre, whereas the other three blocks host the shared teaching rooms and respectively the Engineering and Research blocks.

The entrances on the avenue level feature mixed functions, including a bar, a student residence as well and a shared hallway for the three university entities.