The  social housing blocks  built on the Plateau de la Haye for the Nancy OPAC (French public housing office) are economically designed. Based on a simple post and beam structure (based on a car park frame), three living spaces organised together propose a new way of living:

- A well-insulated, walk-through interior living space;

- An inter-climatic space, i.e winter garden or veranda;

- A planted space for gardening or pleasure.

Each dwelling features these three elements, arranged differently depending on the size of the apartment and its orientation. All the dwellings can be accessed via open walkways adjoined to the façade and punctuated by the verandas and the kitchen gardens.

The two buildings are separated by a communal garden open for the use of all residents, as well as a paved courtyard that leads to the shared services(entrance hall, letter boxes, bicycle park, push-chair storage…)

These neighbourhood units offer a different way of living. The interior and exterior are directly connected; the layout of the apartments is open and adaptable to the inhabitants’ needs and the interior living area is extended by an exterior living area that promotes neighbourhood relations, either through the winter gardens or the open veranda walkways.