The Armagnac block creates a transition between the typologies of small Bordeaux boutique-type typologies and the development new densities. This hull-shaped block initiates the urban development of the Belcier district and brings a form of urbanity to the Place Armagnac; transitioning from the lower densities of one quarter but increasing the Floor-Area Ratio for this quarter in transition.  Armagnac is a mixed-use block featuring dwellings and public facilities around a dense core. The heart of the block is treated as a hanging garden. Its terraced form is visible to the south, with the terrassing rising steeply the 6th floor. The heart of the block is a green, planted space that is shared by all the dwellings each of which is very different and for the most part open onto the central garden. The car park is not underground, but its 4 levels have been invisibly integrated into the block, surrounded by dwellings and lit with natural light to the north. A footpath crosses the block and runs up to the entrance of each building, reinforcing the overall conviviality.

The central garden is made of a succession of terraces rising from the public square up to level 6, right at the top of the block. The “hanging gardens” face directly south and are accentuated by the diversity of the plantations and the private terraces, which also give onto the garden.

The buildings have been designed along the principles of sustainable architecture. All the façades have external insulation. The roofs are mainly south-facing and are equipped with photovoltaic and thermal captors. Some have veranda/conservatories kinds of inter-climatic spaces that extend the living room and enable heat to be retained in winter and natural ventilation in the summer.

The housing offers both lighting qualities and living qualities: most are walk-through or face in two or three directions. Large cross-duplexes with high ceilings give onto the public green space. The dwellings that look onto the heart of the block all have outside extensions: balcony, loggia, gardens, or roof terrace. The communal areas are all lit with natural light.