The city of Carrières-sous-Poissy is situated just north-west of Paris on a meander of the Seine named Chanteloup. Its site on the banks of the river gives it significant and as yet unexplored geographical advantages.

The meander, and the town of Carrières-sous-Poissy constitute 75% of the unbuilt land available within the boundaries of this local authority. This natural opening onto the Seine represents a significant opportunity for the development of the attractiveness of the area, both on the local scale but also on the scale of the river valley, developing a distinctive articulation of the built and natural environments. Furthermore, because of its geographical situation and spatial configuration, there was a distinct need to master the project scope as well as the land pricing on the site.

The challenge of this urban project is to re-qualify open land as well as to create a new centre at the heart of the river meander, green space which has been designed to connect with key natural areas ( such as the Hautil Forest and the Poissy escarpments) situated in this part of the Seine valley thus developing a major public space for Carrières-sous-Poissy.

This vast space has been designed as a gradual sequence which sees the articulation of the countryside in relation to a new dense urban centre thus creating an overall dialogue between town and country. The landscape design project at the heart of the urban project defines this space and specifies different areas within this new ecological corridor, aiming to bridge a gap between two great sources of bio-diversity: the forest and the river.