The project is situated in the south of the Bacalan neighbourhood, and primes the area for its new purpose as a new tertiary district for Bordeaux. The building is positioned on an axis next to the tramway and creates a visual focus for the Bacalan quarter.

The positioning of the building confirms the urban character of the rue Achard. The design is based around the industrial building types situated to the north of the site. The project is simple and fits into a 3-D rectangle of 70m x 18m and 15m high. The structural principle is based on the structural elements which are almost all based on the exterior of the building so as to minimize physical interference within the office floors and to improve the flexibility of the offices. The long east-west façades feature the structural frame made out of light coloured concrete and sliding wooden panels for shade. The southern façade forms the shape of the prow of a boat and has horizontal brise-soleil blinds with solar panels. The roof is dominated by four large solar chimneys which use the heat of the sun to draw air out of the building and to ensure that the building is naturally ventilated and cooled at night. This feature means that no air conditioning is required. The eastern and western façades also have efficient solar protection and the southern façade holds other photovoltaic panels. The passive and protective approaches are therefore used to enrich the architectural features of the building.