This landscape is situated to become a key part of the economic development of this city, linking up with new urban developments which visually and functionally link this area to the Ornel river. At the heart of this town’s community, between the Vert Bois neighbourhood  and the city centre, this new cultural centre (including a performance hall for 2000 spectators) will become the visual and functional anchor for this riverside site at the entrance of the city.  Coming from the north and west, the building takes an elongated and flexible form, consisting of arched strips which integrate into the linear forms of the surrounding fields.

The “Fuseaux” cultural centre is a singular and unique structure in the landscape. The roof is shaped as a series of spindles which link together on the south side to become one horizontal lip, which then forms a curved canopy, creating an anchored entry way into the structure. This architectural gesture which remains subtle plays with the shadows created by the frontal greenery. The rear façade opens in the summer to allow for events to be held between the external and internal areas, spilling out onto the river front and blurring the boundaries between outside and in.