In the framework of the development of 400 homes in a low-density residential zone in the Parisian suburb of Herblay our team decided to extend our focus to include an integrated solution which took into consideration the challenges of this whole district. Based on the pre-existing Masterplan developed by the Puzzler urban planning practice, we put forward an evolutionary development plan based on two main principles: to create a new centrality for the area based around the pre-existing amenities and secondly, to link this new area thanks to three wide landscaped corridors. The plan organizes dense development around a new public square in the form of seven “house-blocks” whose roof design posits a strong image for the area at its heart.

The buildings in this first phase are designed in the following way. In three built typologies varying from high to low density:

-            High density for blocks which include housing, services and commercial buildings

-            Staggered town-houses surrounding this central zone,

-            Single and semi-detached homes like small city gardens at the edge of the quarter and along the corridor parks.

In this way our project puts forward typological and architectural variations for every block and attempts to find a solution for a district which lacks a fixed identity and mixed use.