The amphitheatre quarter occupies a crucial location in the road network of the Metz metropolitan area. It commands two mandatory passage ways  under the railroad network towards the downtown boulevards and is the sole access to the south entrance of the railroad station. With the arrival of the TGV, the neighbourhood will become a major entry way in terms of flux and parking. This strategic lay out orients our design, which aims to resolve transit circulation and train station access throughout the future neighbourhood. The plan takes a curved north-south road in continuity with the amphitheatre passage as a starting point.  The road enables the enlarging of  the existing block,  so as to give the street a coherent façade. Six pedestrian squares –among which the Pompidou Centre square- are articulated on its course. Rather than a design brutally imposed on the area, what we aim for here is a positive punctuation of the site that allows for a sure and coherent plan based on the existing structure.